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Successful Projects; Video Learning for Sponsors and Project Control Boards – Program Content

Module 1 – The World of Projects

  1. Projects – the mechanism for change
  2. Investment and risk – the business case
  3. Research – the current success and failure rates
  4. Systems for project management – PMBOK, PRINCE2® and in-house

Module 2 – Setting Your Project Up for Success

  1. Portfolio, Program, Project Management and the Project Management Office (PMO)
  2. About PRINCE2®; structure and key terminology
  3. Appointing the Sponsor and Project Control Board
  4. Appointing the Project Manager
  5. Tailoring the methodology

And Checklists for:
check_18 Appointing Your Project Manager
check_18 Setting Up for Success

Module 4 – Directing and Controlling a Project

  1. Starting up a Project
  2. Authorize Initiation, the Project, a Stage or Exception Plan
  3. An Example of Workload for the PCB
  4. Giving Ad Hoc Direction

And Checklist for:
check_18 Directing and Controlling a Project

Module 3 – Governance; The Sponsor and Project Control Board

  1. The Board Structure
  2. Roles & Conduct
    • Accountability, giving direction, unification, delegation
    • Stakeholders, communication and change
    • Getting the best from your Project Manager

And Checklist for:
check_18 Getting the Best from Your Project Manager

Module 5 – Stakeholder Management and Change

  1. Stakeholders; define and engage, inform and manage
  2. Effective communication; internal and external
  3. Expectation management
  4. Effective ways to manage change

And Checklist for:
check_18 Stakeholder Management and Change

Target Audience the program is designed for busy executives (senior and mid level managers) who don’t have time to sit through classroom based training scheduled on a pre-defined date.  You can learn at a time and pace to suit you. The material is approximately 2 hours in length and divided into 6 modules.The learning is also of value to any Executive who needs to know the right questions to ask about projects; Executives working at C level or responsible for investment, Company Board members, leaders of organisations or departments.

Module 6 – Closing a Project and Benefits Review

  1. Consenting to Project Closure
  2. Lessons Learned
  3. Measuring Success
  4. Benefits Review
  5. Further Resources

And Checklist for:
check_18 Benefits Review

Recommended for all levels of Government and Private Sector organisations. Developed for use with business or ICT projects. Only course of its kind developed in Australia.

Presentation format is multi-media with audio for optimum user experience, accompanied by Checklists which can be downloaded and printed. Based on the current leading practice of PRINCE2®, but can be used in any organisation irrespective of whether a methodology is being used.

Successful Projects;  Video Learning for Sponsors and Project Control Boards is a very time efficient way to support you and your team with learning necessary to deliver the most successful projects and benefits for your organisation and investment.

Only available for sale to organisations (Corporate and Government). Licensed per individual user (employee), pricing is per user per month and includes hosting, checklists, phone support and face to face coaching sessions. Minimum order quantities and license period applies.  Please contact us for further details.

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