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Senior Leaders: what questions are you asking today about ICT security?

Well, if it’s today, you might first ensure you’re not vulnerable to the current global ransomware attack. However, the fact that it’s happening and has now hit Australia should prompt questions from senior leaders in every Australian business and government funded organisation such as:

Does your organisation have up to date well documented ICT security policies?
Does your organisation have up to date well documented procedures for ICT security (like patching, which is the vulnerability exploited in the WannaCry hack)? Continue Reading

A Guide for Sponsors: Risk Management and Lessons Learned

Although the term “lessons learned” is commonly heard now, many organisations, certainly in Australia, do not actually utilise this valuable opportunity for risk management.

If your organisation has no process for lessons to be collected, stored and used later, the enormous value that can be gained by learning from an earlier investment, is being lost.

Projects are temporary constructs and the project team is usually disbanded when the project is completed. Therefore, particularly if team members were appointed on a contract basis, the hands on knowledge accumulated leaves the organisation when the project is closed. Continue Reading

The Key to Project Success

Peter Frost, Acting Auditor-General Victoria published another audit of ICT projects recently. The report stated that “none of the projects considered were completed, or will be completed, as initially budgeted.”

The audit concluded that “a robust culture of active governance at the senior management level” is necessary “to support informed decisions…”.

ICT leaders can demonstrate the value of ICT by informing other executives within their organisations of the risks and success stories associated with projects and, by promoting learning for the governance function. Continue Reading

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