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Project Governance

The Key to Project Success

ICT leaders can demonstrate the value of ICT by informing other executives within their organisations of the risks and success stories associated with projects and, by promoting learning for the governance function. Continue Reading

Documentation and Technical Writing

Attention the C-suite: does your organisation have the necessary information and records protections?

News recently broke of an extraordinary breach of national security following the discovery of highly sensitive cabinet documents in two old filing cabinets bought at a second-hand shop in Canberra.

These documents contained classified and top secret information covering details of five federal government cabinet meetings over a decade. Continue Reading

Third party suppliers and data security; are you managing your risk?

Just this morning, we’ve seen the publicity regarding the contractor breach exposing 50,000 Aussie government and bank staff records. And recently, much media attention was given to the theft of confidential technical information about new fighter jets, navy vessels, and surveillance aircraft from an Australian defence contractor.

Significant breaches involving third parties have been occurring for some time and many organisations continue to allow this risk to remain unaddressed Continue Reading

3 Steps You Can Take Now To Avoid A Data Breach

The recent data breach at US credit reporting firm Equifax provides a valuable lesson.

In a massive breach, hackers accessed systems exposing personal information on more than 145 million Americans. It’s just been revealed that the vulnerability to cyber-attack was known months before the hack actually occurred.

So, why weren’t steps taken to prevent this disaster well before it actually happened? Continue Reading

Senior Leaders: what questions are you asking today about ICT security?

Well, if it’s today, you might first ensure you’re not vulnerable to the current global ransomware attack. However, the fact that it’s happening and has now hit Australia should prompt questions from senior leaders in every Australian business and government funded organisation such as:

Does your organisation have up to date well documented ICT security policies?
Does your organisation have up to date well documented procedures for ICT security (like patching, which is the vulnerability exploited in the WannaCry hack)? Continue Reading

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